Helpful Tips

Whether you are being bullied or witness bullying, you may find help on what to do below.


STAY CALM Do not react or retaliate. Do not let the bully see you mad or sad. The bully wants to upset you and watch you react. Letting yourself react gives him/her your power. What he/she says about you is their opinion and cannot hurt you unless you believe them. Most people who bully feel bad about themselves and try to give to others to make themselves feel better. You don’t have to take it! Keep your confidence and your power. Calmly walk away.

GET SUPPORT There is safety in numbers. Inform your teacher, principal, guidance counselor, and parents. Get your friends involved, if you are not alone, there is less chance to be harmed by a bully. You can practice what to do and say with your friends, teachers, and parents. How college students can buy research papers? Click here –, check it out and essayhelper share with your friends.

CREATE CHANGE When you change your reaction, you show others how to react. Get together with others in schools and your community to start changing more reactions.


STAND UP Stand next to the person being bullied.

SPEAK UP Calmly ask the bully to stop, talk to the person.

SUPPORT Help the person being bullied, offer to walk them to where they are going, report it.

GET HELP Get an adult to intervene, report the incident.

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